30 years of experience in power systems

A 30 years experience within an international company, with many successive positions such as technical manager, marketing manager, strategy manager, program manager, technical master expert, in many systems covering many different end-user segments such as transmission and distribution power networks, electro-intensive industries, buildings, at all levels of voltage, high, medium and low voltage

From Nasa

15 years of experience in international standardisation

Active contribution in many IEC and CEN/CENELEC groups as chair, convenor or experts during these 15 years especially in IEC TC57, IEC SyC Smart Energy or CEN-CENELEC-ETSI Smart Energy Grid Co-ordination Group.
Among some main documents produced as editor or co-editor:

  • IEC 61850-1 – Introduction to IEC 61850 series
  • IEC 61850-1-2 – Guidance for extending the IEC 61850 series
  • IEC TR 63097 – Smart Grid roadmap
  • IEC 61850-90-6 – extending IEC 61850 for feeder automation
  • IEC SRD 63200 – Smart Grid Architecture model (soon available)
  • IEC 61850-7-420 Ed 2 – Extension of IEC 61850 for supporting Distributed Energy Resources
  • IEC SRD 63268 – Interfaces between grid users and other energy related stakeholders (to come)
  • Overall management of the digital transformation of the IEC 61850 series and associated documents (Handling of code components, IEC 61850-7-7)
  • Contribution to data models of many parts (61850-7-3, 61850-7-4, 61850-90-2, 61850-90-7, 61850-90-8, 61850-90-9, 61850-90-10, 61850-90-11, etc)
  • CEN-CENELEC ETSI CG-Smart energy Grid Set of Standards , gaps identification and ranking (2011-2016)

Development of software tools

  • j61850DocBuilder – a Java/XMLT based software tool extending jCleanCim to produce the machine processable file supporting the IEC 61850 data models (NSD files)
  • Extraction of UML model to produce the content for the IEC Web access to IEC 61850 model